Abu 6500 CT Mag HI Speed – Discounted


The Abu 6500 CT Mag Hi Speed is a reel that needs no introduction. Look up and down any UK beach and you’ll see plenty of them in use. It’s a reel that works well, is reliable and lasts a long time in the right hands.

Buying a decent beach reel is an investment. It’s no good looking for the cheapest multiplier you can find, as it WILL let you down when you need it most! It pays to select a good reel and then look for an offer on that reel.

Abu 6500 CT Mag HI SpeedHere’s what the description on Amazon says about this particular item:

The 6500 CT High Speed is the all new version of the world famous mag elite,with a high speed retrieve ratio. Features 6 pin centrifugal brake, mag brake system, crowned durabrass gears and the carbon matrix drag. The ultimate series of distance reels. Ideal for fishing over rough ground.

At the time of writing, not only was this being sold at a DISCOUNTED PRICE of £25 below the recommended retail price, but shipping was also under £2.50! These offers change frequently, so please CLICK HERE to see if this great deal is still running.