Abu Filleting Knife – FREE Delivery!

If you sea fish, you need a knife – END OF STORY!

A decent blade is often the sea angler’s best friend; obviously, it’s used for bait, but it also comes in handy when making rigs (especially when you can’t find your snips on a cold, dark night!), cutting through bird’s nests and various other tasks.

This blade, from the trusted Abu stable, comes complete with a sheath, too. Not only is a sheath essential from a safety perspective, but it also stops the blade that you’ve spent so long sharpening from suffering any unnecessary damage.

Abu Filleting KnifeHere’s what the description on Amazon says about this particular item:


Yep, that’s right – nothing! So, with that in mind, we zoomed in on the photo and got these details:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Strong non-flex blade
  • Soft grip ergonomic shaped handle
  • Perfect for bait cutting
  • Perfect for opening shells

At the time of writing, this knife was just £8.50 and, as stated, UK shipping was FREE. That’s pretty good value! These offers change frequently, so please CLICK HERE to see if this great deal is still running.