Charging around with Accubox

Carry batteries safely and without risk of spillage with Accubox, on sale only through Manbat

The UK’s top battery distribution company Manbat is now selling the versatile Accubox Deluxe – a handy transportation device for housing lead acid batteries up to 120Ah safely while on the move.

Accubox Deluxe is ideal wherever portable power is needed, thanks to its top and side handles. This makes it ideal for outdoor leisure use, such as boating and other marine activities as an emergency power back-up.

Its sturdy construction also means the risk of harmful battery acid spilling onto clothes or skin is eliminated.

Accubox is made of impact resistant polypropylene and can accommodate batteries up to 356mm long, 208mm wide and 228mm high.

It also features a battery condition indicator, accessory sockets, external terminals, fuse protection and an adjustable strap.

For more information about the Accubox Deluxe please contact one of Manbat’s nine UK branches, or visit the website