News Release from
the Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust

Chairmen of the major angling bodies in England have taken a major
step towards a single unified body to represent all anglers. In a joint
statement they said

‘We have agreed that the
following bodies intend to wind up their organisations and form a
single new organisation to represent all anglers.  This will
be subject to each organisation passing the necessary legal and
financial checks – known as ‘due diligence’.

 – Anglers’ Conservation Association
 – National Association of Fisheries and Angling
 – National Federation of
 – National Federation of Sea Anglers
 – Salmon and Trout Association
Specialist Anglers’ Alliance

The transition
process is being managed by the Fisheries and Angling Conservation
Trust, the umbrella body for fisheries and angling organisations. FACT
has retained legal, financial and marketing professionals to advise on
the formation of the new body.

Each of our
organisations has contributed £10,000 to FACT to cover the new body’s
start-up costs, a clear indication of our commitment. In addition to
funding the essential due diligence much work is needed to improve
marketing and our services to members.

target date for incorporation of the new body, ie legal registration as
a company, is early July with full operation by January 2009. Before
then each organisation will seek approval to proceed at a general
meeting –  NAFAC has already done so.

As Chairmen of long-established organisations with loyal members
we have not taken this step lightly. However we all believe that a
single new organisation is needed to fight for the interests of all
anglers and the fisheries they enjoy. We have already received many
messages of support for the move and look forward to a bright

Stephen Marsh-Smith, Chairman ACA
Martin Read, Chairman NAFAC
Terry Fell, Chairman
Richard Ferre, Chairman NFSA
James Carr,
Chairman STA
Chris Evans, Chairman SAA

No further statements are likely while the detailed due diligence
and other preparatory work continues.