MES Ltd Reach New Depths And Pockets With The AquaCam


Marine Electronic Services, stand G093 at the 2010 Southampton Boat Show, will launch a super affordable underwater camera that is going to put the fun back into taking pictures while in, on or under the water without burning a hole in your pocket – and it’s capable of capturing images as deep as 45 meters.

How often have you been in the sea and seen the perfect picture opportunity, but the device you have on board isn’t waterproof so you let the moment pass or by the time you’ve tried to carefully get it into the water without getting it wet, you’ve already missed out?

AquaCamMarine Electronic Services has exactly what you need, the AquaCam. Housed in a lightweight fully waterproof casing that can be used at up to 45 metres underwater and with a three times optical zoom lens and a colour 2.40” display, it’s the ultimate onboard photo companion. You can take it for a dip with you or go even deeper and explore what’s beneath. You don’t ever have to worry again about damaging your camera. And it’s powered by AA batteries, so you should rarely have any charging issues no matter where you are in the world.

The AquaCam is a 9 mega pixel camera with a zoom capability of 6.2–18.6mm which is the equivalent of 35 – 105mm on a 35mm camera. It can focus as close as 30cm and has useful modes such as red eye reduction, slow sync and fill in flash. It also has functions including slideshow playback, smart scene mode featuring portrait, night, sunset, beach, fireworks and candlelight. There’s a self timer, flash and white balance and with its waterproof casing it weighs 522g. The camera alone weighs just 110g.

Just imagine the fun you could have with this camera both underwater, in the water and on board without the worry of getting it wet. Whether you’re diving, simply splashing around or enjoying time onboard you’ll never need to miss a photo opportunity again.

Not only can it capture images it can also be used as a video recorder and voice recorder. It is compatible with Windows and MAC. At a fraction of the price of other camera’s on the market it’s a must have at £199.95 inc VAT.

Available at the 2010 Southampton Boat Show at stand G093 or online at