Aquapac's Stormproof™ iPod Case




Aquapac’s Stormproof™ iPod case is an essential piece of kit for those who like to work or play outside while listening to music.  So whether you are running, walking, cycling, kayaking, sailing or fishing this handy case will protect the iPod from water, dirt, oil and mud while still allowing you to effortlessly change tracks and adjust volume through the case and enjoy listening to your favourite music worry-free.

Aquapac’s Stormproof™ iPod caseAquapac’s Stormproof™ iPod case works on the roll-seal bag principal [certified to a minimum of IPX3, Imperial College London] which makes it as waterproof as you can get without total water immersion.  You simply roll the top down three times and buckle it to seal.   It also comes with a rainflap for headphones to be passed through whilst cleverly keeping water out.

The Stormproof™ iPod is a great low-cost way to protect your gear when outdoors.  Made from lightweight, durable fabric you can take it anywhere with you even in the most torrential rain without worrying about water infiltration.  It comes with an adjustable lanyard and unique lashtab so that you can hang it around your neck or attach it to your belt with a carabiner.

030/040 Stormproof™ case for iPod (orange or grey) – SRP: £17