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Freezing Runnydown (Black Lug)

1. Lay several sheets of dry newspaper into the bottom of a shallow tray (something like a cat litter tray is ideal). Place freshly gutted worm onto the newspaper, making sure that they are straight. Do not add too many. A rough guide would be 80 – 100 worms at a time. 2. Cover the

Moon Lit Areas and Cityscapes

Batteries getting low?? Then position your rod against any bright background. Use the moon if possible, or moonlit clouds. If you are fishing near to an industrial or populated area try and place your rod so thatlights are behind it. You will need to concentrate harder on the tip but you will still see bites

Head Lamp

Miners lamps have always been the number one choice but now there are a number of alternatives. Best choice I think is a lamp with a rechargeable battery. But if cash is tight then the lamps with a built in battery compartment work well – though dont expect to get more than 1 or 2

Reflective or Fluorescent Tape

This is the type of material you see on traffic cones, or as patches on safety clothing. Available in many colours; silver, red and yellow being the most popular. If you buy it from an angling shop it will normally be self adhesive. One strip can do a number of rods. Cut a piece wide

Slack Line Bite With Grip Lead

Quite often fishing conditions dictate that a grip lead be used to hold bottom. This normally puts a pronounced curve into the rod tip. A slack line bite under these circumstances is very easy to spot. When the fish picks up the bait and runs towards the beach the rod tip lifts and at the

Slack Line Bite With Plain Lead

A slack line bite shows in exactly the same way when you are using a plain lead. The only difference being that your rod may not have the initial curve as it does with a grip lead. The procedure to follow is the same as above. Question: How do I know it’s a fish that

Effect of Waves

Rythmic bending of the tip in time with waves. This movement is quite different to any bite. Recognising how your rod reacts in different conditions will save you striking at “false” bites.

Wishbone Rig

Worth including though it’s a rig I carry but rarely use – unless I either get desperate or wish to try something for fun. It’s biggest advantage, of course, is that it allows two baits – either the same or different, to be fished close together, thus doubling both the scent trail and offering fish

Rotten Bottom Rig

The Rotten Bottom is part and parcel of some North East angling. My version is designed for simple lob casting over short distances. The trace ends in an oval split ring above which is a large round bead kept tight against the spilt ring with a crimp. Attached to the bottom of the spilt ring

Blob Knot

This is the knot that I use for joining main line to shockleader. It is very strong and I can honestly say I have never had any problems with it coming apart. The big advantage of the blob knot is that you can use large diameter shockleader line as you do not have to pull