Bass Measurement Tape – Weight Calculator

This just in from Steve Pitts of BASS:

Anyone interested in working out the approximate weight of a bass, without actually weighing it, might be interested in a ready reckoner bass measure tape. This has been produced using hundreds of weight to length measurement of bass and is pretty accurate.

Ok, I admit, it’s not much to look at – but believe me a lot of work has gone into sourcing the material (something called Tyvek), and adding length to weight conversion measurements.

On one edge are the measuring increments and on the opposing edge are the length to weight calculations. Tyvek is rip-proof, rot-proof, water-proof – in fact it appears near enough indestructible. So ideal for a saltwater environment.

They are available for the princely sum of £3 per tape from

It’s got to be the must have accessory to be seen with on the shore this season . . . .



bass measurement tape