Belstane Appointed UK Distributor For ExoGlo







Belstane are delighted to announce their appointment as UK Distributor for ExoGlo FabRoc® clothing in the Tackle and Gun market.

This controllable, uniform, no wires heating system cocoons the wearer in warmth however harsh the elements, without hotspots or under / over heating. Designed with ease and comfort in mind, a small concealed battery pack with remote control is included in the first phase of this exciting range of Ladies and Mens Jackets and Body Warmers. 

Harnessing years of development, the ExoGlo clothing range effortlessly combines design and functionality with the unique heating polymer ‘FabRoc®’.

Alongside the obvious comfort factor, the benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) heat therapy have long been recognised.  FabRoc® has been independently tested to conclude that its heat can be used to improve well being, provide effective pain relief, improve circulation, ease stiffness and reduce recovery time from stress and injury.

Stay warm out fishing this winter!

exo2 StormWalker Vest