Berkley TEC Tools 100lb Digital Scales

If you’re a big fish angler, the you need
big fishing scales! It’s no good catching a monster cod and then finding out that your scales have bottomed out!

These Berkley scales are
feature packed and designed for anglers, rather than just slapping a
‘fishing’ label onto a pair of standard scales and then selling them as
fishing scales.

Here’s what the TackleBargains site has
to say about them:

Berkley TEC Tools are
insightfully designed, precisely engineered angling tools. Each item is
crafted to specific angling tasks, with fit and function that make the
tool exactly right for the job.

These 100lb Digital Scales are perfectly
calibrated, accurate and feature fishing’s first big-screen two sided
display which allows visibility to both the angler and co-angler at the
same time. Each scale comes packed with an attractive soft-side
weatherproof case for protection and safe storage and with Auto-Off for
longer battery life.

As with all TEC tools, these digital scales feature a
Softorx finish for comfort while handling, and provides a secure
non-slip grip.

  • Accurate to within 0.01%
  • Measures in metric or imperial
  • Two-sided backlit display
  • Two, angled non-slip Softorx handles with hanging slot for
    weighing heavy fish
  • Free-swinging, over-sized 6mm stainless steel hook for big,
    active fish
  • Includes heavy-duty weatherproof fitted case with carry
  • Batteries included
  • Product Size: 8.5″ x 2.0″ x 8.5″

At the time of writing, these top-of-the-range scales were
just £49.99.

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Berkley TEC Tools
100lb Digital Scales