Breakaway Boat & Pier Rest

‘Quick action for boat & pier hand rails and other awkward places’

It makes life so much easier on pier railings. It’s a really simple plastic and rubber rest which means it’s never going to rot or rust. The part of the V which holds your rod is rubber so it’s not likely to scratch anything, and just below it is a groove for the line so it never gets trapped. The tips of the V curve inwards. It doesn’t matter how much of a side wind you get your rods not going anywhere. They actually look like the same heads as off the Breakaway GL Tripod.

The rest is clamped on using two rubber straps which wrap around the railings and are moistened and pulled firmly in to two notches.This holds it securely in place. The straps are fairly tough but I reckon they’ll only last 2 or 3 seasons.

It would be nice if the head could swivel so you didn’t need to have the rod at right angles to the railings, but it doesn’t which I guess is one less place for it to snap.
Still not bad for something that costs £5.99. I wish I had bought one of these rests sooner. My rod would have less scratches on it. Do yourselves a favour and buy one.

Reviewer:  Mike Richards