Let Brunton recharge your life with Brunton Restore

Give your gadgets a longer life and avoid running out of juice while in the outdoors by packing the compact and lightweight (205g) Brunton Restore solar charger hybrid into your life. 

This Brunton portable power device combines a high-performance rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with two solar panels and an intelligent charging module.  All of this is packed inside a water resistant and durable rubberised shell that is foldable for easy and safe transportation. 

Brunton Restore solar chargerThe Brunton Restore charges via two solar panels, a computer USB or via the mains using a DC adaptor.  The mini USB wire plugs into many standard handheld electronics while various adaptors are available for the rest. 

So recharging your iPod, smartphone, digital camera or handheld GPS while out and about has never been easier but just how effective is it?  Well it will power a smartphone one-and-half times and can be topped up via your computer (4 hours), car (2 hours) or good old sunshine (11 hours).

SRP: £70