Bulk Braid Offer

TackleBargains is one of those companies that does exactly what you’d expect it to – it provides bargain fishing tackle! Some of the deals they offer need to be seen to be believed, such as this ‘bulk braid’ one.

Rather than waffle on about it, here’s what it says about the offer on the TackleBargains website:

We have managed to buy a large consignment of over-production Braid from one of the world’s top manufacturers (please don’t ask as part of the agreement is that we do not disclose their identity). This lot contains 8 different types, so to keep things simple we have split this up into 3 types – which means the quality will be at least as good as listed, but may well be better (ie. higher Dyneema percentage). Being so many types, it is impossible for us to state the exact diameter, type (ie. floating or sinking), and colour for each order. If you need this information, then this is not for you and we have plenty of other lines that offer the exact specification. However, if you are looking for a top quality braid at a rock bottom price, then you’re in the right place!

Fishing Braid - Bulk Spool OfferType 1 ( £28.00 per 500m spool ):
100% Dyneema. This is the best choice if you are looking for the lowest possible diameter to breaking strain ratio.

Type 2 ( £24.00 per 500m spool ):
50% Dyneema. A good choice for general all round use, these will contain a minimum of 50% Dyneema fibres, but may well contain a higher percentage.

Type 3 ( £18.00 per 500m spool ):
Polyester Braid. Seems quite similar to Dacron, and is a good choice for low diameter fly line backing, trolling, or where budget is a major issue. These could be 100% Polyester, but some have up to 37.5% Dyneema content.

Sorry, there are no joined spools available, or choice of colour. There are 10 colours which are pictured above, and this will be picked at random.

We’ve spoken to TackleBargains recently and this braid is FLYING out of the door! This was to be expected, really!

CLICK HERE to see if they have any left at this incredible price.