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What Should I Take When Sea Fishing?

It seems strange but the bigger the tackle box the more you put in it. You struggle to the beach with half a ton of tackle, most of which is never used. So what essentials do you need to take on a fishing trip? Well obviously your rod, reel and tripod. A spare reel is

How to make a Tripod for Sea Fishing

Mahogany is a good choice for the 3 lengths of hardwood. This will allow the tripod to last for many years. The same applies to the screws, bolt, washers and hinge. Get these is brass to eliminate rust problems. The length of the 3 pieces of wood is your choice but I would recommend these

Get a snug fit on your Tripod

To protect your rod and to stop it rattling around when in a tripod such as Ian Golds Match Tripod simply obtain some of the high density foam used to lag water pipes. Cut the foam along its length and measure a piece to fit snuggly into each tripod cup. Secure with glue.   Tripods

Making your own bait clips

To make your own bait clips is really easy. You need – stainless steel wire and the outer casing of some electrical cable (just bigger in diameter than the wire). Cut a piece of wire about 3cm long and a shorter piece of cable casing 2cm long. (Fig A) Bend the wire as shown in