Cheap Gelert Headlamp

Years ago, I paid three figures for a good quality headlamp. It was very good, but it was also very bulky, with a large battery, and prone to bulbs blowing at inconvenient moments. Luckily, with the introduction of LED headlights, times have changed. This Gelert 8 + 2 Ultra-Bright LED Headlight is a prime example of what can now be bought for less than the price of a couple of beers!

This headtorch is lightweight, cheap as chips and will last up to 60 hours on just one set of batteries.

One important feature is that it has a red light facility. A red beam will not ruin your night vision, which can be especially handy on particularly dark nights, when white light can mean that it takes a while for your eyes to readjust to the dark..

Even at the usual full price of £10.50, it’s a good value headlamp. However, at the time of writing, the £5.29 price tag makes it exceptional value! If you’re not a heavy headlamp user, preferring just to use one for tackling up rather than spotting enemy aircraft, it could well worth adding one of these to your tackle box today.


Gelert 8 + 2 Ultra-Bright LED HeadlightKey Features

  • 8 x 5mm Ultra-Bright white LEDs
  • 2 x 5mm Ultra-Bright red LEDs
  • Red LEDs usable for reduced glare night vision
  • Burn time approx 60 hours
  • Operates on 3 x AAA Batteries [first set included]
  • 3 Functions – 8 white, 4 white, 2 red
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Adjustable torch angle


Outdoor Gear also have offers on many other headlamps – CLICK HERE to check out there entire range.

Delivery to UK address from Outdoor Gear is currently £3.95 for orders under £50, and FREE for orders over £50. It’s well worth having a look at their clothing, footwear and camping gear, as it’s a website that you may not usually look at when looking for new fishing gear.