Rucksack Chair For Under £10

You don’t get a lot for a tenner these days, so when we spotted this Hardwear Rucksack Chair for £9.99, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes. However, it’s true – this is the sale price and it might be an idea to snap one up quick – the usual price is £24.99! You won’t see one this cheap very often.

Hardwear Rucksack ChairA rucksack chair is ideal for the roving angler. Whether you like rambling along winding rivers, fishing from a deserted beach, or fishing from piers or rocks, having somewhere to park your backside is never a bad thing!

Even if you’re a lure angler who likes to spend his or her day constantly on the go, a seat at lunch/brew time is always nice, especially if the ground is wet.

The joy of a rucksack seat, obviously, is that you also get to carry your tackle in it!

As mentioned, we spotted this Hardwear Rucksack Seat for just a tenner (it was £9.99, actually). The Fishtec website was a bit sparse when it came to details. This is what it said:

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Yep – absolutely nothing! However, with £15 off, a photo that seems to show that it’s a reasonable bit of kit and a few reviews that are positive, we reckon it’s well worth a punt!

CLICK HERE to see if they have any left. It’s well worth taking a look at the sea fishing section of the Fishtec site. They stock a wide range of tackle, including the new TF Gear rods and reels, and often have bargains like this available. CLICK HERE to visit them now.