Cheap Bait Freezers For Sale Local To YOU

As an angler, buying a dedicated bait freezer is a good idea. Not only will you be able to keep your bait in the best possible condition, but it also means that you can store some bait when it’s plentiful, ready for the lean times ahead. Sure, it would be nice to collect peeler crabs all year round, or dig plenty of lugworm whenever you needed them, but life isn’t like that.

Buying a freezer for fishing doesn’t have to be expensive, though. Sure, pop to Currys and you’ll pay full-whack. However, keep an eye on the postcard ads in your local shop and you may well find a bargain. Personally, I don’t look in the local papers – people have advertised at a price THEY want and, if it was low, it invariably results in a waste of a phone call, as the item has sold.

Instead, try

On this site, just whack your postcode in and leave it set to search for ‘Everything’. The results it throws up can be quite incredible and most of my friends and family now use it. You’ll almost definitely find the cheapest bait fridges and freezers for sale locally on there.

I wouldn’t pay more than about a tenner for a freezer, unless I was in a hurry. For a really good one, I might stretch to £20. Honestly, the bargains are out there.

And don’t think that a bait freezer will take over your garage or shed; there are plenty of mini-freezers out there. Perfect for keeping in smaller places, such as your kitchen or even on your desk.

Before buying a bait freezer, have a think;

  • Will you make use of it? Obviously, electricity costs money.
  • Do you have somewhere to store it? A garage or shed with electricity is perfect.
  • What size do you REALLY need? Too large and it gets in the way and costs more to run, too small and you’ll always wish you had a bit more space!
  • Can I collect it? The deals on are usually ‘collection only’, which is why they are so cheap. Freezers aren’t particularly heavy, but make sure it will fit in your car!

At the end of the day, you can buy a bait freezer so cheaply via that you don’t have to give it masses of thought. Why not check the site regularly, get a good one if it comes up and give it a try?

A WORD OF WARNING, THOUGH: can be addictive. Not only does it throw up some great fishing tackle, but the wide variety of goods available cheaply on there may lead to you buying all sorts of cheap bargains that you’d never imagined you ‘needed’. Trust me, I speak from experience…