New biodegradable CoverClean from Ensearch


This is the time of year when sail covers, cockpit covers and other boat covers are getting bombarded by bird droppings, pollution, green mould and everything else that seems to fall from the sky.

To combat the problem and to keep covers looking clean, leading boat cleaner manufacturer Ensearch, known for their pioneering biodegrading product range, have introduced CoverClean, an effective cleaner that comes in a one litre spray bottle.

CoverClean is not only safe for the environment, it is extremely effective in removing all dirt and deposits, even oil marks from canvas and synthetic covers.  CoverClean is totally non-abrasive so will not scratch vinyl or other smooth fabrics, and it can be used while the covers are in situ on the boat.

CoverClean from EnsearchIt’s very easy to use, just spray it onto wet fabric and brush-wash it off. A unique blend of raw materials enables the solution to tackle all dirt, not just selective types, so there’s no need to have a vast array of bottles to handle different specific applications.  CoverClean is a unique and proven all-in-one application.

Jim Herculson of Ensearch, who developed the product explains, “Without giving away the formula, the reason CoverClean works so well is due to a complex formulation of six raw materials which create a synergistic effect to obtain results across a wide spectrum of contaminants.”

CoverClean is also extremely efficient in going a long way.  Just one bottle will clean off the all-over winter cover of a 40 ft yacht.

CoverClean can be purchased from Ensearch’s online shop at as well as from chandlers around the UK.

Price  £12.75 inc. VAT for a one litre bottle.