Daiwa SL20SH

I have found that this reel has the performace to be one of the best sea fishing reels.

It’s ultra fast retrieve make it a big bonus when fishing over rock marks. And in spool terms i like the little spool wich is the “20” model rather than the bigger spool which is the “30” because i get a snug fit with my thumb and i feel more confident with it casting. I feel it is the perfect mixed ground reel ever! here is a list of more features:

Power Mesh® Drive with 4 ball bearings
Long Cast spool
Smooth Teflon® -impregnated felt drag washers
Ultra-fast 6.1 retrieve
Powerful Low Center handle replacement
One-piece frame with frame guard
Free-spool adjustment
Spool click, 2-position power handle
Oversized machine-cut bronze gears
Short-stroke clutch
Easy palming rod clamp
Centrifugal spool brake
So if you are thinking about buying a new reel i would 100% go for the sl20sh!

Reviewer:  Jonathan McErlane