I’ve had this rod for around 18 months now and wouldn’t swap it for anything else when it comes to beach fishing.

It’s great for fishing either close in with the reel up the butt, or at distance with the reel down the butt. The balance of the rod is as close to perfect as I’ve felt on any rod. The tip is so sensitive it’s unbelievable – flattie bites at 100 yards are no problem. Despite it’s sensitive tip there is no danger of this rod buckling during a cast as the middle of the rod downwards is ultra stiff. It’s not difficult to make the lead fly! The official rating for this rod is 280 yards and I don’t doubt it, while the casting weight is 4-8oz (6oz plus big bait).

The rod is 2 part plus reducer and is really well finished with some very nice graphics on it. It has full Fuji guides and comfy coasters. The shrink tube has a criss-cross pattern which is far grippier than normal shrink tube (wish I could get it for my other rods). RRP is £300, but if you shop around you can get it for as little as £209 from Harris Sportmail.

My only compliant is that the shrink tube wasn’t trimmed correctly (left a little long) which hampered fitting the reducer. Easily sorted with a sharp knife.

If your looking for a good beach rod that can hit the distance, show bites, looks good, will last and is actually usable have a go with one of these and a bet you’ll buy one!

Reviewer:  Mike Richards