Boat Fishing Monthly Editor Bags A Bumper Catch!

Dave Barham, Editor of Boat Fishing Monthly, is used to holding up his catch for the camera. However, his specimen of 2nd June, 2007 will be one that he remembers for the rest of his life!

Yep, Dave must have used the right bait for a change and landed a new wife by the name of Kate. Quite what “floated Kate’s boat” about Dave remains a mystery. Some suggest that is his passion for sandals when sea fishing, whilst others have suggested that she got mesmerised by the sunglasses permanently attached to his head and forgot to say “No”. Whatever the reason, there’s no turning back now!

The couple are on honeymoon right now, so I can’t get a quote from Dave regarding his big day. Having been in his company on quite a few occasions, it probably would be unfit for publication anyway!

Congratulations to Dave and Kate. I’m sure that I speak for everyone who knows you when I say that we wish you a long and prosperous future together.

One last thing – as you won’t be allowed to go fishing any more, Dave, any chance you could share your tackle out amongst us?!!