Fight The Fog


Sunglasses For Sport Ltd., one the UK’s leading online retailers of sports sunglasses and eyewear, have added a breakthrough new anti-fog remedy – DEFOG it™ anti-fog wipes. Fogging or misting on close fitting sports sunglasses, sports eyewear, goggles and helmet visors is a well known problem – not only a nuisance that can affect sports performance but potentially dangerous if vision is obscured by misting up.

DEFOG it™ anti-fog wipesManufactured in the USA, these DEFOG-it™ anti-fog towelette wipes safely prevent fogging (misting) on sunglasses, eyewear, goggles and helmet visors. Each dry towelette is impregnated with a special fog-fighting formula and spreads an invisible, streak-free barrier for hours of fog-free clear vision. DEFOG It™ is so reliable; it is used by the military worldwide to prevent fogging.

Application is quick and simple – you just wipe over lenses for 10-15 seconds before you put your sunglasses / eyewear on. Supplied in a pocket sized plastic container with snap shut lid, 3 wipes are supplied in individual sachets with each wipe providing 5-10 applications. After each application you return the reusable towelette to the plastic container.

Sunglasses For Sport are the only UK retailer for these new anti-fog wipes. The retail boxes (with 3 reusable wipes) are just £5.95 each and include free delivery to a UK address. To buy online, or for more information, see the accessories section at