Easy Jigging

Looking forward to the new wrecking season but not to making jiggers. All that cutting, drilling and hammering and not to mention actually getting the materials to make your jiggers!

I did away with that carry on, years ago. Take a 1lb DCA boat mould; drill two holes in the join at the bottom. Using the long Gemini wires with small loops in each end, bend in half to suit holes and place in mould with the smallest amount showing. For the other end, use a very strong sinker loop. After making jigger spray white with undercoat.

When dry spray one half with colour of your choice, I find red or orange very effective. Fix a single 6/0 hook (single hooks tend to snag less, but catch just as many fish as trebles) to jigger by way of a small split ring.  I have successfully used this method on moulds of all sizes.


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