Every Fin Counts For Sharks

SOS as a member of the Shark
Alliance is delighted to announce the launch of the first ever EUROPEAN
SHARK WEEK, which will be running from 8th – 14th October. Using the
catchy slogan ‘Every Fin Counts!’

S-O-S is participating in “European Shark Week” by collecting
signatures which along with those from countries around Europe will be
presented to Commissioner Borg during the Shark Alliance Members
Meeting in Brussels. Two members of SOS will be present at that
meeting, representing SOS, SACN (Scotland) and the newly formed

S-O-S has recently been involved in talks
with MSPs MEPs and Scottish marine directorate staff, which have led to
the commissioning of tagging programme to study the movements of
Spurdog on the west coast of   Scotland.

A meeting with Struan Stevenson MEP regarding shark
issues in Scottish waters encouraged him to call for the country’s fish
and chip shops to stop selling Spurdog as “Rock Salmon”
In a recent follow up e-mail Mr Stevenson said;

Dear Denis,
Thanks very much for
your kind words. It was following a meeting with Recreational Anglers
arranged by Willie Kennedy in the summer that the matter of Spurdog was
brought to my attention, so I am grateful to you. I will do what I can
to stop the commercial fishing of this species until it recovers.
Best wishes,
Vice President
of the EPP-ED Group

S-O-S is at the moment
making arrangements to give a presentation to MEPs in Brussels on shark
conservation in an effort to persuade them to support among other
issues the 5% bycatch on Spurdog in European waters.

SOS urges you to become involved by signing a fin you can do this
online at.