The Fishin’ Buddy from Humminbird is an ingenious fishfinder which comes with its own integral transducer shaft. The whole unit is compact, easily portable and simply clamps on to a transom or gunwhale; it can also be fitted to a pontoon or a jetty. Units have a depth capability of 240ft (73 metres) and are available with high resolution monochrome or colour displays. They are powered by six AA batteries.

Four models are available in the Fishin’ Buddy range. The 110 and 120 units have a 4 or 8 level grayscale display respectively, the screen size is 4” and both come with a 24” fixed transducer pole. The 130 model has a 16 level grayscale 4” display and a 24-40” telescopic transducer pole. As with all monochrome fishfinders, the higher the grayscale number the greater the screen definition.

The 140c has a 3 ½” colour display and also a 24-40” telescopic transducer pole making it suitable for craft with a higher freeboard. Selected models also offer SideFinding™ sonar with a range of 120 feet. With this facility sound waves are sent out to the side as well so you scan waters around the boat for fish nearer the surface.

As you would expect from Humminbird all units excel with their user friendly design. Just three buttons are required for operation and One-Touch® control gives access to all the advanced features, including Selective Fish ID+ which offers 3 scanning settings to select different sizes of fish.

Because no rigging or wiring is required the Fishin’ Buddy is very versatile whether you want to use it on a dayboat, dinghy, canoe or even a hire craft. The multi-directional clamp mount makes fitting it very simple and an adjustable strap also allows for fitting a Fishin’ Buddy on to the float tube on an inflatable.

The suggested retail prices for Fishin’ Buddy models are: 110, £119.99; 120 £169.99; 130 £209.99; 140c £259.99.

The portable Fishin’ Buddy comes with an integral transducer and mounting clamp