Sea fishing floats from fibre pens!

Looking for a cheap way of making floats for sea fishing from fibre pens? I use the Berol hand wrirting pens a lot, so I use them. However this idea can be used with any type of fibre pen. As yet I have only used the round ones.

1 – Take one used fibre pen, remove end cap and withdraw ink element inside.
2 – Cut off the knib end and remove. Push out any piece of knib left in.
3 – Make a loop by twisting wire, (I use earthing wire), twice around a small round bar such as a nail or screwdriver.
4 – Insert into end of pen
5 – Hold wire in place with melted candle wax pressing down wax while still soft, and replace cap. The wax also seals the end.

The advantages of these floats over bought ones are that; To protect the wire loop you can replace the knib cover, if loop small enough, when not in use. If you damage the wire loop they are easilly replaceable, unlike bought floats which nearly always need replacing. You can pre weight them by inserting lead shot while putting in candle wax. Make sure you test how many it needs first. The bodies themselves are very durable They come in a multitude of bright colours.


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