Fishrite Cooler Bait Bag

I was glad to see that Fishrite have modified the name under which they sell this product. As you’ll notice on the photo, the product declares itself as a ‘Dead Bait Bag’. However, Fishrite now call it a ‘Cooler Bait Bag’. I’d say that was a better description, as its use is not just restricted to dead baits.

Fishrite have a reputation for making cheap fishing accessories. Cheap in price, but of a quality that often hides their price. This Cooler Bait Bag is no exception. With a suggested retail price of just £13.99, you wouldn’t expect to get a great deal, but this bag delivers a lot.

The main section comes with a divider, which is handy for those who like a bit of organisation in their angling, and is well insulated. With a couple of freezer blocks, this will keep your baits frozen for a long time. For predator and sea anglers, good quality ‘fresh’ frozen bait is often paramount and it doesn’t matter how expensive your rod and reel are if your bait lets you down!

The bag also has two side pockets, which are handy for storing additives, associated tackle, bait elastic, etc.

The handle of this bag is well padded. This will be welcomed by roving anglers, as a full bag of frozen baits and a couple of freezer blocks would become a nuisance if Fishrite had overlooked the need for a decent handle.

As mentioned previously, there’s no need to restrict the use of this product. I use it to keep boilies fresh, too, when freshwater fishing, and have even been known to sneak a can of Coke in there at times!

This is a useful product at a very competitive price and one that should give you plenty of use.

Fishrite products are available at many tackle shops, or online from