Fladen Xtra Flexx 2pc Boat Rod

I love this time of year. Despite all the doom and gloom-mongers, most of whom seem to have a vested interest in securing EU funding to tell us how barren the seas around the UK ‘really’ are, real boat anglers make the most of the big cod available and get out there to fill their boots. Take a look at this link, for example. A 34lb cod would be welcome aboard any angling boat!

If you fancy a crack at some winter cod, or even some spring ones, then this Fladen Xtra Flexx 2pc Boat Rod could be just the job. Obviously, it’s not just for cod – this would make a great rod for just about anything that swims. I’ve used Fladen boat rods before and had some great fun with them, safe in the knowledge that they’ve got the grunt where it matters.

Fladen Xtra Flexx 2pc Boat RodI got a phone call from TackleBargains to tell me that they have a few of the Fladen Xtra Flexx 2pc Boat Rods in stock in the 20-30lb class. These are powerful 2.1-metre 2-piece rods (2.1m is just under 7-feet in old money!).

There’s been quite a lot of talk about these in the tackle trade. Here’s what the TackleBargains website says about them:

Constructed using extremely fine basalt fibres as used in the aerospace industry giving exceptional durability and increased resistance to extremes of heat, moisture, and UV light. The properties of basalt, a volcanic rock, are similar to those of carbon fibre and fibreglass, but the physiomechanical properties are significantly better.

Not only are these rods incredibly strong, but they have perfect power transmission, enhanced fighting action, high torque and lifting power. Tough, slim, light weight blanks. The most sensitive and powerful new rods that you could ever imagine!

The recommended retail price is just £41.50, which makes them a bargain in anyone’s book. However, at the time of writing, TackleBargains were selling their ones at just £24.99. That’s just ridiculously cheap!

CLICK HERE to see if they have any left.

You can see them in ‘action’ by pressing play on the video below…