Freezing Peeler Crab

Contrary to what some anglers may tell you peeler, crab can be frozen effectively and makes a good bait. However it WILL NOT refreeze. To freeze peeler successfully a few steps need to be followed. Firstly, any crab that is to be frozen must be in prime condition as a bait – ie. "popping". This simply means that the old shell has begun to lift and is ready to be cast.

Secondly, remove all traces of shell from the crab. Thirdly, and most important, remove all traces of the crabs lungs. These can be idenified as brown "feathers" on both sides of the body just beneath the soft new shell. Once the shell and lungs are removed rinse the crab under clean, fresh water and dab dry with kitchen roll. Individually wrap the crab in cling film or kitchen foil and freeze seperately before packing into containers. Don’t forget to peel the legs and wrap them seperately – they can be used to bulk up crab baits if you are running short. One final tip — when fishing, take enough crab for your session but carry them in a wide mouthed food flask. Remove a few at a time and any that are left should be still frozen and can be put back into your freezer. If they show any sign of thawing though do not refreeze. On its day frozen crab can outfish fresh crab.

Before starting please check out this superb link which shows in detail how to peel a crab.

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