Freezing Runnydown (Black Lug)

1. Lay several sheets of dry newspaper into the bottom of a shallow tray (something like a cat litter tray is ideal). Place freshly gutted worm onto the newspaper, making sure that they are straight. Do not add too many. A rough guide would be 80 – 100 worms at a time.

2. Cover the worms liberally with salt and leave them for 2 – 3 hours by which time the salt will have extracted a lot of liquid from the worm. Remove the worms and paper and pour off the liquid. Dry the tray and reline with fresh, dry newspaper. Replace the worms and cover with a new layer of salt. Leave again for a further 2 – 3 hours.

3. Remove the worm and shake off excess salt. Tear fresh, dry newspaper into strips lengthways (as wide as longest worm). Place worms on newspaper as shown opposite and roll up newspaper, trapping a worm in each turn. Place in freezer and remove as many packets as are needed for a fishing session.

If done correctly the worms will not freeze solid. When removed from the freezer they should feel firm and dry but be soft enough to place straight onto your hook. They can be refrozen with no ill effects.

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