Gemini SRT Spring

I’ve never been a "gimmicks" fisherman. I was born in a mining village, less than 5 minutes walk from the North Sea and fishing was a way of life. Tackle was a hand line, sinker, which was any stone with a hole through it, and bait – well – mussel, mussel and more mussel.

The thought of decorating my traces with rattling beads and sequins is a little strange to me and when I first saw Gemini’s SRT spring my reaction was "Whatever next?" – I couldn’t believe it. However, this small spring is, in my mind, one of the best ideas to hit the angling world.

It’s one of those ideas that is so simple you wonder why no one ever thought of it before. We’ve all used clip down traces, tied so that the hook fits onto the bait clip perfectly. Then, after a couple of casts, simply due to line stretch, you have to start sliding the bait clip up or down to even hold the hook in place. The Gemini SRT spring solves this problem very easily. When you cast the sinker snood stretches, the hook snood (clipped to the bait clip) would normally be stretched as well. The spring allows the hook snood to move without stretching (See diagram). No matter how many times you use the trace the hook will always fit perfectly onto the bait clip. My Verdict – 10


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