Glacier Glove launches innovative light-weight gloves for the fishing market

Glacier Glove, the leading manufacturer of outdoor sports gloves, has launched an innovative new range of light-weight cold weather fishing gloves. The unique design uses highly tactile and flexible new materials to allow fishermen the extra ‘feel’ to handle their lines, while offering comfort and protection from the elements. The new style #781BK features a slit in the index finger and thumb so the angler can uncover them for intricate tasks like tying knots.

The new light-weight gloves are made from high-tech flexible material to ensure they are comfortable, practical and durable. They have a Polyurethane palm with a very tactile surface and a thin, 1mm neoprene back, which gives the angler windproof protection. 

“Fishermen need protection from the elements along with comfort and flexibility so they can handle a variety of complex tasks, and our new gloves have been specifically designed for this purpose,” commented Dick Swan, Glacier Glove President and CEO. “This new range is our most versatile to date, with innovative features and design. It is the first in our range to provide a 1mm neoprene back, this allows maximum range of motion and is windproof. To support the unique design of the gloves, we’re also using the latest sports fabrics and this combination ensures that the gloves are durable and practical yet very comfortable,” he concluded.

Glacier Glove offers the new gloves in a range of sizes and various styles, all including an elastic cuff to provide a secure fit.

The new Glacier Glove range is now available at fishing tackle shops and outdoor sports stores globally and throughout the US including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Big 5 Sporting Goods, or online from

They are the latest in a wide range of products launched by Glacier Glove to keep anglers comfortable and improve fishing performance in a wide range of weather conditions. 

About Glacier Glove:
Glacier Glove has been a leader in outdoor sports gloves since 1983 when it introduced the first neoprene cold weather fishing gloves. It now offers over 50 different styles of neoprene and fleece gloves designed for a wide range of cold weather outdoor activities. In addition Glacier Glove’s Dr Shade brand offers a wide variety of hats and caps to provide comfortable, functional sun protection for the outdoorsman.