Greys Syntra Rod

This is the first “decent” rod I’ve owned and I couldn’t be happier with it.

On all multiplier rods I’ve owned in the past I have removed the coasters and replaced with a ‘reel seat’, such as is seen on fixed spool rods. With this rod it wasn’t an issue and although I know this is increasingly the case with new rods, it does save you an extra tenner after having paid a lot of money for the rod.
The guides on the rod are the best I’ve used and the finish on the rod is brilliant. Even my missus likes the look of it! The shrink tube (?) on the butt is much grippier than any I’ve put on my other rods and blends nicely into the high build.
The best part about this rod for me is the Greys garuantee. It lasts for the original owners lifetime and for me means I can go fishing without having to worry so much. If a big fish (as if) snaps the rod, so what? I get a new one! On a rod of this price I think this is amazing.

My few niggles are it is not British made (hence the price), the reel seat occasionaly works itself loose and the lack of a reflective rod tip. The two latter complaints are easily remidied.

Whilst fishing the rod casts great and is very light. An overhead cast goes well, whilst any kind of cast with a swing flies. A six ounce weight and bait is no problem for it and the tip is nicely stiff with bites being easily distinguishable from waves, even in bad weather. I think this rod is mainly a beach or river rod. I step up to something a little stiffer if rock fishing.

Overall this is one of my favourite pieces of tackle. The list price is £195 but you can get it cheaper than this by ringing mail order shops and telling them you have been offered it at such-and-such a price by another shop (within reason!). A lot of rod for not as much as many of its competitors plus the Greys garuantee!

Reviewer:  Geoff Jubb