Don’t Get Left Out In The Cold

As I sit here in a warm office, the tail end of November is starting to let the UK know that winter is about to hit. Today was actually quite sunny, and even reasonably warm later in the day, but it was very cold this morning and will be even colder tonight!!! Despite that, many of us still love to wet a line at this time of the year……

I’ve often mentioned, in the past, that being warm and dry is a crucial part of cold weather fishing. Some people are reluctant to spend money in this area, preferring to part with their hard-earned cash only for the latest tackle or bait. However, warmth is, sometimes, an essential element to catching fish. Firstly, you need to keep warm for health reasons – hypothermia is no joke. Even if you don’t get quite that cold, being too cold is not natural and your body will let you know that!

Being able to tie rigs properly, bait hooks, cast and even reel in are areas that can be severely compromised by cold hands (one tip is to make sure you take an old towel with you and dry your hands whenever they get wet. Sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t and just how quick wet hands go numb in the winter!).

Finally, if you’re warm, you’re usually happy. If you’re happy, you’re ‘into’ your fishing and thinking about your fishing – working at catching those fish, changing rigs, baits, bait placement, etc., rather than leaving it to chance, whilst shivering.

Anyway, enough about keeping warm. This isn’t supposed to be an article. No, the purpose of this short piece is to show you the range of HeatMax hand and feet warmers currently on offer at TackleBargains.

These products have been around for years. I remember using them when I was a kid and, to be honest, was amazed that they are cheaper now than they were all those years ago!

I won’t claim to be able to tell you exactly what chemical reaction takes place to make these warmers work, but, basically, they are like a teabag in appearance and react with air when you open them, becoming warm enough to keep you comfortable in the harshest of conditions, but not so hot that you can’t touch them!

HeatMax warmers are disposable, yet environmentally friendly. The foot warmers last up to 5 or 6 hours, depending on which ones you opt for, whilst the hand warmers last up to 10 hours. To use them, you simply open the packet. What more do I need to say?

At the time of writing, TackleBargains are selling them ridiculously cheaply AND are doing a ‘Buy 5 Pairs, Get One Pair Free’ offer. Click here to be taken directly to the right page.

Tight lines and warm hands and feet!!!