Press Release

Being cold is one of life’s miseries: and if this summer was anything to go by the British weather is destined for yet more wet, cold and miserable days.

But keeping warm has been made easier with the new Hotteeze Heat Pads – designed to keep you warm for up to 12 hours as well as soothing aching muscles, joints and abdominal pain.

A huge hit in Japan, the eco-friendly pads work through the process of oxidisation – as soon as the pad is exposed to the air it begins to react and produce heat which can amazingly reach an average of 53 degrees Celsius over 12 hours.

Worn close to the skin the self adhesive pads radiate heat from the moment they are in use, and what’s more the light weight and slim-line design mean they are entirely discreet and can be worn underneath any kind of clothing.

Hotteeze are also available in an insole shape for keeping feet warm in wet and cold conditions – perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing and camping; not to mention keeping your toes warm in the rugby or football stands. With a temperature of up to 41 degrees Celsius, the insoles are specially designed for optimum results and are also deodorising and anti-bacterial.

And what’s more Hotteeze are completely guilt-free…once you’ve finished with a pad you can amazingly use the contents as a first rate soil conditioner. This coupled with the combustible; toxin free wrapper makes the Hotteeze heat pads not only a great way to keep warm – but also a great green idea.

Hotteeze Heat Pads (£9.99/10 pack) and Hotteeze Feet Heat Pads (£4.99/5 pair pack) are both available selectively at Physiosupplies.com.