Hotteeze Heat Pads

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s cold!

Well, actually, it’s cold for most people right now, but I was lucky enough to be sent some Hotteeze heat pads to review and am sitting here typing with them in situ! A bit of overkill, maybe, but some of us suffer for our art!

I’ve tested disposable heat products before and, to be honest, there’s only so much you can say about the ‘making you warm’ element of such a product. Hotteeze appear to work in the same way that rival products do – you open them, exposing them to air, and they start to warm up. Experience has taught me that you can speed this process up by giving them a quick gentle roll between a thumb and finger, but it’s not really needed.

What makes Hotteeze different is that they appear to be designed originally for the physiotherapy market, meaning that they’re a lot more refined than many rival products. What do I mean by that? Well….

Hotteeze For Feet

These arch shaped warmers are designed to fit between the sock and the shoe, without slipping. If you walk a fair bit, the ‘not slipping’ bit will be quite important! They offer continuous warmth for up to 5 hours and claim to be antibacterial and deodorizing, although I challenge any man or woman alive to sniff my feet to put this test to the claim!

Hotteeze For feet come in packs of 5 pairs, with a suggested retail price of £4.99. I know I’ll get told that real men don’t need foot-warmers by all my macho mates, but I’ll have the last laugh on that one and sit there, all cosy.

Hotteeze Stick On Heatpads
When I mentioned the physiotherapy market above, it was the stick on pads that really prompted that remark. These are very different than any disposable warmer that I’ve seen before. They are rectangular in shape and have a heated area of approximately 12cm x 9cm. You peel off the backing to reveal a sticky side, the idea being to place them exactly where needed on your body.

Obviously, if you have an aching joint or back, you’d probably plump for that area, but you can stick them virtually anywhere that you want to keep warm. These larger pads offer up to 12 hours of continuous heat, so are ideal for anglers. The fact that they stay put is a major bonus

Hotteeze Stick On Heatpads are sold in packs of ten and have a suggested price of £9.99.

You can buy Hotteeze products online from Although plainly not originally designed with anglers as the primary target market, they’re one of those items that slots in perfectly. Oh, and they’re made in Japan, where the consumer is king, so expect a high standard of product!