Fishing By Hovercraft

The best fishing tackle in the world is of little value if you persist in fishing areas where fish stocks are depleted; the dream catch is probably living someplace out of reach. Most anglers use conventional boats; very few consider alternative forms of transport.

Modern leisure hovercraft can reach areas that are normally out of reach to marine craft and off road vehicles. And unlike airboats, hovercraft can simply drive over dry land to reach locations, out of reach to everyone else.

The 3-seater Hov Pod hovers on a cushion or air, so it can “fly” at an average height of 8 inches above the surface, at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.  They fly over small rocks and submerged coral and other obstacles in their path, and skim over tidal streams, mud, sandbars, rapids, swamps and reed beds etc. When the river runs shallow, there is no propeller to get damaged by submerged rocks or coral, so you can gain access to virgin fishing areas, and enjoy catching the larger fish that may have eluded you in the past; size really does matter.

hov_pod1_638148078.jpgWhen winter comes, the majority of boats get packed away for months, although some anglers get the snowmobile out to try a little ice fishing on the frozen lakes. The Hov Pod is quite happy to fly over packed snow and ice and when springtime comes round, and the ice thaws, Hov Pods have the unique advantage of skimming over ice or water, so you reduce the risk of nasty accidents, caused by dropping through holes in the ice. (So much for the expression global warming, hypothermia kills)

One misconception about hovercraft is that they cannot stop on water, not true with the unique Hov Pod’s hull design which utilises High Density Polyethylene  – this material has been used in the past in the construction of F1 crash barriers and artificial joints. HDPE is very light, very strong and impact resistant, and extremely buoyant so makes an ideal material for hovercraft construction. The Hov Pod can be fitted with different 4 stroke or 2 stroke engines to suit different requirements, and of course there are water proof storage areas to stow camping equipment, GPS VHF radios and, of course, room for the fish you might catch.

As you have no wheels or brakes for that matter, floating on a cushion of air enables a completely different yet extremely comfortable ride. For example, a quick flick of the steering handles, and you can effect a 180 turn, or 360/720 spin – almost as if you were driving some anti-gravitational futuristic craft, back from the future.

These versatile craft handle water, sand, mud, ice, snow, any flat surface; driver and passengers get literally ……….. blown away.

Hov Pods are designed for marine leisure, so there are many safety features included as standard. The sheer versatility of the craft make them ideal for all manner of applications, such as tenders, rescue craft, allowing exploration to places other craft and people cannot reach, such as winter ice-bound island homes, shallow rivers, or deserted islands surrounded by coral-reefs. With no propeller to disturb marine life, they are also eco-friendly – you can fly over eggs without breaking any, and when hovering, they weigh less than a seagull standing on one leg.  

Hov Pods seat three adults, weigh 310 Kilos, measure 12 feet by 6, and can be fitted with lifting points to store on deck. Further information available at