The PiranhaMAX series from Humminbird have always been a favourite when it comes to compact entry level fishfinders which offer performance and simplicity. Four new models are now available in the UK including one with a colour display. They are the PiranhaMAX 160, the PiranhaMAX 170, the PiranhaMAX 180 and the PiranhaMAX 190 with the colour LCD.

piranhamax_190_481236239.jpgThe fishfinders have been redesigned but retain those essential features which make them so well-liked by boat owners and fishermen. They offer great value for money and employ sophisticated technology but are very straightforward to use. All the units are operated by just three buttons. One touch operation is all that is required to access all the advanced features including Fish ID+, fish alarms, depth alarms, the zoom and more.

Two of the units, the 190 and 160 are available in fixed or portable versions; the portable option uses a transducer with a suction cup while a transom mounted transducer is supplied with the fixed system. When portable they are powered by 8 AA batteries and pack away into a rugged carrying case which includes integral cable storage. They can also be connected to a standard 12 volt DC boat battery.

With the PiranhaMAX models TriBeam or Dual Beam sonar are available offering a variety of choices. With the Dual Beam there’s a 20° high resolution narrow beam as well as a wider 60° scanning beam for greater bottom coverage. The TriBeam model has a 20° center beam and two 35° beams fanning either side of it to give a 90° view of the bottom. This gives an exceptionally wide field of view beneath and behind the boat.

The 190, 180 and 170 units have a depth capability of 800ft and the 160 goes to 600ft. The colour version 190 has a 320V x 240H pixel display, the 180 and 170 units have 240V x 160H pixel displays and the 160 has a screen resolution of 160V x 120H pixels. Screen sizes are 4” diagonal for the Grayscale models and 3 ½” diagonal for the colour display. All units have a backlight and give the water temperature. Prices start at £85.49 for fishfinders in the PiranhaMAX range, including the transducer.