Humminbird has recently launched three new dedicated chartplotters. All have high resolution colour displays, are intuitive to use and are fully waterproof. Each chartplotter uses a 16 channel GPS/WAAS receiver for accuracy and incorporates all those essential functions to make electronic navigation simple and safe. Common features include essential alarms, a dedicated information key to provide instant chart information and a man overboard button. Digital displays can also be customised for user preference on each model.

Top of the range is the 955c which has an ultra-wide 8″ display giving excellent screen clarity with a 480 vertical by 800 horizontal pixel resolution. Chart detail is sharp and there is also the facility to have a split screen mode. So when using Navionics Platinum cartography you could, for example, have charting information and navigation data next to an aerial photo of a port approach.

With a wireless sonar link you can even have three-dimensional viewing of underwater depth contours and adjust the display to highlight shallow areas. The 955c also features the Humminbird Graphics Co-processor so that the chart redraw is exceptionally fast. Using the Humminbird PC program with a card reader kit you can also modify routes/waypoints on a Windows based PC and download software updates. The 955c chartplotter can be gimball or flush mounted and is priced at £1,124.49.

The next two models in the range share many of the sophisticated features of the larger chartplotter. They are more compact with 5” displays but retain excellent zooming, panning and scrolling facilities. The 785c² offers a 640 vertical by 480 horizontal pixel resolution and is available either with an internal or external GPS. Both options are the same price at £541.49 The 755c has a 320 vertical by 240 horizontal pixel resolution, is expandable and upgradeable and costs £419.99.

These 5” chartplotters are compatible with Navionics Gold charting software, and like their big brother the 955c, can easily be networked to wireless sonar and fishing systems on board. They can be flush mounted and also come with the exclusive Humminbird Tilt & Swivel Quick Disconnect Mounting System.

This 785c² chartplotter can have internal or external GPS