GUYS – Don't Forget Your Loved Ones This Christmas!

We’ve noticed that more and more women seem to be going fishing these days, which is great for our sport. However, angling is still a male-dominated pastime. That’s not a sexist comment, it’s a fact.

Men, on the whole, are useless at getting things like Christmas presents sorted. That, also, isn’t a sexist comment. It is a fact!*

All year, fishing websites tell you some of the best places to buy fishing tackle, but unless your beloved partner, kids, relatives and anyone else you know enjoys our sport, unwrapping a spool of the latest super braid on Christmas morning probably isn’t going to win you many Brownie points. So, to help you out, here are a few ideas of places to buy some last minute Christmas gifts. These are places that I’ve used and have had good service. I chose them because of that…and the fact I didn’t have to get off my backside to buy stuff. That’s always a bonus, by my reckoning.

Woman In Santa HatA few tips first when ordering this late; ALWAYS check to see if they state what the expected delivery date is, ALWAYS check to see if they offer next day delivery (next day deliver may costs a couple of quid, but peace of mind is priceless), ALWAYS check the homepage to see if they have any discount codes being advertised (I Want One Of Those usually do – took me a while to realise that!) and ALWAYS have a back-up plan, just in case the worst happens…my favourite is the ability to print off a Gift Certificate if the parcel doesn’t arrive in time. It only takes a few minutes in Word and, although you may have taken every precaution with regards to ordering on time, you know how pathetic the UK is if half an inch of snow falls on the ground, the wrong kind of leaves fall on a train track, the Royal Mail Christmas party got a bit messy, etc.

Oh, and if they do a gift-wrap service, it’s well worth it. Males don’t possess a wrapping gene. That’s another fact…

Here are my sites of 2011:

I Want One Of Those – CLICK HERE
I’ve used these lots this year. Funny, smile-raising gifts, gadgets and more serious items, all delivered to UK addresses FREE. I seriously like this website – spend a good half hour having a search around it. It’s cool!

I Want One Of Those


Firebox – CLICK HERE
A bit like the site above, but on a bigger scale. I love this site, but wish I’d ‘found’ it when I had more time to look around. Great products, from a few quid right up to tens of thousands of pounds. Well worth a look.



It may have escaped your notice that Amazon sell everything now, not just books and DVD’s. You can buy anything from a pet collar to a washing machine…both perfect gifts for the misses, in my opinion! When searching, I generally click on the ‘Free Supersaver’ filter on the left. That way, the price you see is the price you pay. That said, if you’ve left it late, go for a premium delivery service!



Debenhams – CLICK HERE
For those of you looking for something a bit more ‘mainstream’, why not bring the High Street to your home? It’s like shopping in town, but without all the bits that actually put you off going…like people, carol singers and local newspaper vendors shouting in your ears.



Great Magazines – CLICK HERE
These are always my favourite ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card, as you can order them on Christmas morning, print off some details, hand it to your loved one and they need never know that you’d TOTALLY forgotten about them. It was the site that was just MADE for men! With a wide range of magazine titles available, these subscriptions are usually heavily discounted and many come with great free gifts. Not only that, the recipient gets a magazine every month, week, or however frequently it’s published, reminding them just how much you care. Bit of a result, especially if they had actually slipped right off your radar!

Magazine Subscription Offers


Woolworths – CLICK HEREYep, you probably remember the other half coming home after they shut down, having battled her way through the crowds on their last trading day a few years back to claim her prize purchase of an ex-display Fisher Price child’s pull along duck and a dented tin of Roses. Well, the great news is that the Woolworth’s name lives on and you can buy all manner of stuff on their website. AND, this is the knock-out punch for me, they have a link to ‘Gifts For Her’, so you don’t even have to think. Bonus!


That’s all for now. There are loads of other sites out there, obviously, but the ones above are a few I’m familiar with.

You may find it odd to find an article on a fishing site that has nothing to do with fishing but, trust me, you’ll thank me for it when she looks you in the eyes on Christmas Day and says, “Yes”….to you asking her if you can slip off to wet a line for a few hours!

And ladies, I’m sorry that you got left out a bit here, but let’s face it…you’ve already done all of your Christmas shopping, haven’t you?

Merry Christmas!


*100% of men are useless. Based on a survey of one (me). Independently verified by my wife and her mum.