LeDitSee Oy of Finland have a motto that everyone has a right to See, be Seen and be Safe. For that reason they have developed a range of patented electronic headgear products for use across a whole range of outdoor leisure activities from Fishing & Shooting to Hillwalking, Camping and Sailing. These products have just been introduced to the UK and other markets through sole distributors FINTRADE UK.

The secret lies in the LED circuitry that currently has an EU-wide patent with worldwide patent pending. In LeDitSee headgear 6, 8, 10 and 12 LED light modules are used. The 8 LED Hunter model illustrated has a luminosity of up to 132,000 mcd. Various types and colors of LEDs can be connected to your LeDitSee light modules. These include red and ultraviloet LEDs. International adventurer and explorer Patrick ”Pata” Degerman noted that red light keeps mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay. So could this be an end to the midge menace??

The product range also includes a 6 LED White Light automatic version with an additional Red Light LED that when activated will automatically activate the White LED’s when light is required. This also switches off automatically. This model can also be operated in manual mode. e viewing angle of an LED varies from 15° to 21°. In the LeDitSee® headgear illustrated 8 LED light modules are used. The number of lights on the model illustrated can be varied between 2, 4 or 8 depending on the light required simply by tapping on the hat brim. This produces a luminosity of up to 132,000 mcd.

LeDitSee hats are powered through a 9v alkaline battery (included) or lithium rechargeable battery. At +6 degrees C the alkaline battery with all lights on will operate continuously for approximately 50 hours. It is waterproof and can be washed by hand.

Renowned Scottish angler Alan Brown of Carnoustie has recently trialled the Hunter model and proclaimed that: "This innovation is a God send for dawn, dusk and night fishing on several counts. Firstly it allows me to walk to the pools across rough ground safely without the need of a torch or bulky head light with at least one hand free. Secondly the angle of the LEDs and their position on the hat brim makes, for example, tying flies on the line a great deal easier. Previously I have been using a head mounted strap on light, but just having the LEDs at a lower position allows me to direct the light to where I actually need it to go. The power of the LEDs is quite remarkable. Just last week I was deer shooting and after a large buck was taken at last light it had run and fallen in thick undergrowth. The Hunter was a great help in locating the beast and made field dressing a great deal safer and easier. The Hunter is also absolutely brilliant for rabbit shooting."

LeDitSee products are available in the UK only through:

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