The First Mokai Arrives in the UK


Introducing the “so simple yet so
versatile”  Mokai Water Craft

Explore the waters of the UK
and Ireland like never before with the Mokai, whether exploring a lake,
canal, river or the open seas the Mokai offers a remarkably way to
explore in relaxed and effortless comfort.  Chug the canals,
cruise the rivers and ride the seas.

Whilst sat
in comfort, the so simple to operate craft enables to you venture where
other powered craft cannot go.  Requiring less than six inches
of water and with no external propeller to snag, the Mokai truly
enables you to venture far and wide in complete pleasure and

Powered by a removable portable Honda
four stroke engine that is light enough to carry with just one hand and
connected in a matter of seconds to a water propulsion system, without
the need for any tools, the Mokai guarantees reliability and durability
hardly seen on water before.

The extremely quiet
engine and massive eight hours running time from a ten-litre tank
offers tremendous economy and environmental friendliness.

“The Mokai is an ideal craft for so many different
uses.  It’s great for the explorer, the fishermen, boating
enthusiasts, as a tender, also for water sport clubs like canoe clubs
as support craft and for purely just having very simple fun on
water.  The Mokai is great on canals, in rivers, lochs and
even the open sea.  It is just so simple and fun” said David
Burgess of Waterlines the UK sole Distributor.

Waterlines, based in Berkshire, UK and are the exclusive
distributor for the Mokai, to find out more please visit or call 0207 193