Motor Boat Manual

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Publication: Out Now
RRP: £17.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978 1 84425 513 9

Float your boat with this comprehensive manual ….
Relaxing on the deck of your own boat, blissfully cruising down a scenic river, estuary or coast with the sun beaming down – sounds like a distant dream? That dream of owning, maintaining and using your own boat without great expense can now become a reality with the help of the Haynes Motor Boat Manual. It’s true that motor boating isn’t the cheapest of leisure activities, but the aim of this book is to help you find affordable ways to get afloat by minimising the costs of buying, equipping and maintaining a boat.

Motor Boat ManualWritten to cut through confusing nautical language, the Motor Boat Manual gives anyone new to boating the confidence and knowledge to enjoy a motor boat even in times when money may be in short supply for leisure. Packed with well-illustrated practical information, over 500 colour photographs and handy tips for both new and existing boat owners, this manual covers the routine maintenance, repairs and improvement of a motor boat. With sections on everything from buying, storing and mooring, to equipment choice, safe boating and boat handling, you will feel well prepared to go ahead and purchase a boat that is suitable for your needs.

A wide range of motor boats is covered including small to medium sized motor cruisers with cabins, open day boats, sea angling boats, rigid inflatables and inflatable boats with outboard motors. For those with good basic DIY skills, routine maintenance of the hull, engine and outboard motor is covered along with advice on laying up for the winter and information on the jobs best left to the experts.

So should you decide to pick up the captain’s hat, The Motor Boat Manual will teach you all the skills you need to take pleasure in your motor boat in an enjoyable, yet affordable way.

The Author:
Dennis Watts calls on substantial experience of building, maintaining, improving and using boats over four decades. He has written over 20 books including the Haynes Sailing Boat manual as well as magazine articles on a variety of topics including all aspects of boating. Membership of a number of boating organisations and experience of teaching boat handling provided the experience passed on through this book.

Photograph courtesy Haynes Publishing