MTI Surf Rod Beach Tripod

I remember when I first saw the Shakespeare MTI Surf Rod Beach Tripod at a trade show. I was stood talking to Mike Thrussell and his son, who’s conveniently named Mike Thrussell Jnr, and didn’t actually realise that this rest was beside me. It was so tall that I thought it was a display stand!

Mike Thrussell does a LOT of sea fishing and has put his vast experience into designing this fantastic tripod. Now, TackleBargains are selling it at 25% off the recommended retail price, so please click here to grab a bargain.

MTI Surf Rod Beach TripodHere’s what it says about the Mike Thrussell tripod on the TackleBargains website:

Heavier, stronger design than standard rod rests for use in rough weather and strong side winds when using longer 13ft to 14ft UK beachcasters and all European Long rods up to 18ft. All three legs are fully telescopic allowing the rest to be extended up to a full 8ft height with increased leg spread for maximum stability in strong side winds and heavy surf conditions, plus the legs are built with a low centre of gravity to position the weight nearer the ground. The telescopic legs also give instant easy individual leg height adjustment when fishing on uneven ground and rock ledges. Also, in calm sea conditions, by lengthening the rear leg, but shortening the front legs, you have the option of having your rod tips parallel to the sea and low to the ground for improved bite detection.

Other features include extra wide butt cup and rod rest cross bars, height adjustable butt cup bar, deep rod rest cross bar retainer legs with protective shrink tube for greater rod security, leg stabiliser bars, spare trace hanger hooks and ergonomically shaped butt cups. Folds down to minimum size for carrying. Finished in a smart black protective coating and supplied with a special protective carry bag fitted with rod carrying retainer straps.

# Full extended height 8ft, reduces to 5ft.
# Extra wide height adjustable butt cup bar
# Ergonomically designed butt cups
# Extra wide rod rest cross bar
# Deep rod rest cross bar retainer legs
# Protective shrink tube inside rod retainers
# Additional leg stabiliser bars
# Spare trace hanger hooks
# Black anodized finish
# Carry bag with rod retainer straps

At the time of writing, TackleBargains were selling this tripod at 25% off the suggested price. Click here to check out the latest offer price and grab yourself a cheap deal.