Mustad Filleting Knife

A good filleting knife is an essential part of any sea angler’s tackle. We’ve all done it; left the knife at home and regretted it. It’s not until you’re without a decent knife that you realise just how important they are!

This Mustad Filleting Knife offers exceptional value for money. It has a genuine 7-inch long stainless steel blade for cleaning and filleting your catch and is supplied in its own protective hard plastic sheath.

Many anglers use their filleting knives for cutting up bait, such as mackerel strips, squid, etc. However, Mustad also do a more robust baiting knife at an EVEN CHEAPER PRICE! If you want to see the baiting knife, please CLICK HERE.

Get thMustad Filleting Knifee pair of Mustad knives and you won’t go far wrong!

Detail: Mustad Filleting Knife

Price at time of publishing: £6.99

Available from: Fishtec – CLICK HERE for more information