North Crab Hill

North Crab Hill
Location: Busy trying to find the map anybody got a copy of it from the old site

Just south of Marconi Point Cullercoats. Best to park on road above small promenade above Otters Pool. Just after you go round two sharp bends after leaving Cullercoats heading for Whitley Bay, What used to be Marconi Radio station, but is now being turned into a house, will be on your right.
The only time you can fish this mark is two hours either side of low water, maybe a bit longer on the biggest of tides, or if you know the crossing place well. You can actually cross onto North Crab Hill quite easily as soon as the rocks at the far side of the way over are showing, but only if you know the way and there is little sea running. If you are new to the mark it will be better to wait until you are sure of the way or if you are lucky one of the locals may be there and you can follow them. While actually on the mark watch out for some of the small deep holes you could easily put a leg into. There is one particular nasty one at the casting point at the east end of the mark. But please do not venture onto this mark if there is a big sea from any northerly direction. You will end up bobbing about in the back. And always be aware of the tide cutting you off.
Once over onto the Hill, although not very big in area you have a great deal of spots to choose from and all into a good depth of water, 10 foot plus even during the biggest tides.
The Back One of my favourite spots on the hill. This is best fished when you first get on when there is plenty of water in. The best catches I have taken have normally been on a choppy southerly to south easterly sea. There is no need to cast far generally a chuck of some 40-50yds into the gully does the trick. If no joy after a few casts try a long cast. A northerly swell can also bring fish into the back, although a big tide is essential so the skeers can take some force out of the swell. Preventing your gear sweeping round the end of the weed beds, spiders can sometimes prevent this. If you arrive early or have had to come off because of the flood, a cast into the back from the east end of the skeer you cross from can also produce fish. Catches during the winter will consist of mainly codling with a few coalfish, an odd bass has even turned up. During the summmer some nice flounders can be taken and can be seen lying on the flat rocks between the weed beds.
The Front Another of my favoured spots. Best fished after a big southerly, south easterly when there is movement coming round the top corner. As soon as the tide hits bottom I head for here and give it a short lob of 40 yards into the corner along the edge of the weed and rock skeers, coalfish sometimes gather here plus a few codling. After that when the tide starts to move, I give it a cast of around 80 yards just past the skeers for codling. Bites here are often great big slack liners which leave you frantically trying to retrieve line. Again during the winter catches will consist of mainly codling and a few coalfish. Duroing the summer long casting can produce the odd plaice. Browns Well not far off the front used to be a good boat fishing mark for plaice. During big tides and calm conditions mackerel can also be taken, although not many anglers fish for them here.

North Weed Bed An area best fished when calm, casting to the east end of the weed bed can produce reasonable catches of coalfish when the water is coloured. Casting between the Hill and the weed bed some 20-40 yards when the water is clear will give you red codling, the end towards parts of the old wreck is the most popular end. If you are a good caster, and I mean putting a bait well over 100 yards then you could try casting over the weed bed. This puts you into deep water, I have had a few nice fish here when boat fishing. I prefer a decent chuck at the eastern end to give a chance of getting any fish back. Catches again during the winter consist mainly of cod. During the summer a few wrasse can be taken close to the weeds along with some nice red cod.

Best Time to fish: I must admit that this must be my favourite mark on this coast, simply because over the years I have had just as many fish during the day as at night, in fact my best from here of just over 8lb came out of the back during daylight. Also because different areas fish at different times and with different seas running.. Access to the mark: Tricky Species you can expect: Cod, Red cod and Coalfish Best Bait (s): Best all round baits are crab, lug and white worm, although any decent cocktail will work. When the water is clear ragworm takes quite a few fish. Best Rig (s): The best rigs are simple one hook rigs, although a two hook rig can be used when fishing the front, both preferably with a rotten bottom. Tackle choice: You need a good stiff rod, I still use the old Daiwa Whisker fitted with either a 7000 or SL3OSH with 30LB line with a shock leader. The shock leader is basically to reduce line abrasion