North East Dinghy Angling Club

Brian Thompson (Chairman)

David Wooley, Matty and David Marshall

Sadly both David Wooley and Matty Marshall both died recently

Sid Halliday with a fine female skate

Brian Thompson with a large female

Mike Kirton with a 160lb Common Skate

Barry Robinson’s 180lb common comes to the boat

Loch Aline Skate – 2001

14 caught 14 fish for 1,752lb.
HF J College 178lb (F)
D Bowmaker 178lb (F) 153lb (F)
C Bowmaker 176lb & 153lb (F) (F)
C Terry 171lb (F)
P Drummond 154lb (F)
E Srivens 140lb (F)
B Thompson 113lb (M)
(Smallest) C Bowmaker 13lb (M)
Lady S Scrivens 85lb (M)
(Specimen) D Bowmaker 50lb conger.

Summer Venue LochAline 29th August – 5th September 1998

Total number of skate caught – 18 (17 female, 1 male)
Heaviest – Ricky Wilson – 180lb, Barry Robinson – 180lb (shown above)
Heaviest individual catch – Neil Keogh – 213lb
Top Boat – Sarah Louise – 452lb
Total Weight of skate caught – 1380lb
Heaviest Conger – Dave Cammock – 35lb
All fish released unharmed (15 peviously untagged)

N.E.D.A.C. celebrated their 25th birthday this year. A great achievement for any club. The photos above are snippets from the clubs annual pilgramages to the Scottish skate grounds. N.E.D.A.C. are supporters of the Glasgow Catch and Release programme, set up in 1974.

Below is a list of the many Northern Federation Boat caught records held by the club.

Dab Alan Pearson 01:14:00 – The Tyne 15/3/87
Flounder Alan Atkinson 01:08:02 – The Tyne 11/1/98
Red Gurnard Brian Thompson 01:10:00 – The Tyne 9/7/95
Herring Fred Greenwell 01:03:00 – Low Newton 10/6/84
Lumpsucker John McCoy 10:12:10 – South Shields 20/4/86 (British record)
Mackerel Frank Defty 02:07:00 – Beadnell 7/8/88
Norway Haddock George Bell 00:12:00 – Low Newton 10/6/84
Scad Brian Thompson 01:03:12 – The Tyne 19/7/97
Common Sole Alan Atkinson 01:08:08 – Tynemouth 2/11/97
Whiting Brian Thompson 01:13:00 – The Tyne 29/4/95
Dragonet Alan Atkinson 00:02:00 – The Tyne 1995

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