North East Fishing Terms

I don’t pretend that these are phrases used exclusively by NE anglers or that
the spellings are correct. I’ll add more as I remember them or hear new ones.

Fastner — Hook or sinker caught on seabed
Topper —- Good, great
Runnydown — Black Lug
Billet — Coalfish
Spotty Backed Pig — Cod
Slimey — Eel
Chesties, Geordie Pyjamas — Chest waders
Flattie, (Coalie, whitey) bashing — Catching lots of that species of fish
Rake (e.g. Raking the beach) — Looking, searching
Cack Handed — Left handed
Ower (eg. Up and Ower) — Over
Mucky (e.g. The water’s mucky) — Dirty
Fleein (e.g. The bait went fleein out) — Flying
Canny (e.g. The weather’s canny) — Good, decent, OK
Chuck (e.g. How far can you chuck it) — Throw
Dinnit — Don’t
Shite — Seaweed and other rubbish in the water.
Wrigglies — Whiteworm
Skeer — Rock edges, rock ledge or outcrop
Crap —- No good, poor
Raggy — Ragworm
Gadgy — Man
Lob — Casting short
Red army — Eater crabs
Shenton — Spinner invented by the late Dicky Shenton
Hoy — Throw, cast
Poker — Stiff rod
Brill — Good, great, excellent

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