Ocean Kayak, the world’s number 1 for sit-on-tops, offers paddlers an unrivalled choice of designs and the new Prowler Trident 13 is one of their latest models. It is a scaled down version of the popular Prowler Trident 15 and offers similar great features. At 13’ 6” (4.1m) long and with a width 29.5” (74.9cm) this craft performs well in a wide range of conditions on the water offering stability, manoeuvrability and speed; it also copes well with breaking surf and rough seas.

The dimensions make the Prowler Trident 13 easy to transport and handle off the water as well. It weighs 57lbs (25.85kg) and has a maximum load capacity of 425-475 lbs (192.8 – 215.5kg) so there’s plenty of room for kit on board. There is a large bow hatch with a cross lock strap down facility and the oversize tank well can be used to stow a fishing crate.  


Anglers using a fishfinder will particularly appreciate the Sonar Shield™. This is an innovative idea first developed by Ocean Kayak for the Prowler Trident 15. It provides an enclosed storage system for a fishfinder when it is not being used and the cover then acts as a shield to protect the unit when it is operational and helps to make it easier to read the screen in bright sunlight. There is a transducer compatible scupper and this model also comes with a battery bag.

The Prowler Trident 13 offers a comfortable paddling position with the Comfort Plus™ seat back and adjustable foot braces which can be adjusted to the optimum position for leg length. The Rod Pod™ provides storage for fishing rods up to around eight feet, there are two flush mounted rod holders and a moulded in cup holder. A variety of colours (including camouflage) is available and the price is scheduled to be £659.