NEW range of Lifejackets from Ocean Safety Specifically suited to Fishing or Angling

Ocean Safety, the leading name in the supply of marine safety equipment, have recently introduced two fishing lifejackets to their existing range, which are ideally suited for the fishing and angling markets. The designs have been modified so that the lifejackets are the perfect fit for fishermen and have been produced in ‘fishing green’.

The fishing sport lifejacket and the fishing commodore lifejacket both come in manual or automatic inflation with a Halkey Roberts firing unit and can be easily worn with normal fishing gear or waders. Both lifejackets provide an easy to wear, comfortable fit and will not restrict movement of the upper body when casting or reeling in.

Fisherman’s Sport lifejacket new from Ocean Safety. 175N when inflated with cylinder conforming to EN 396.

New Fisherman’s Commodore lifejacket from Ocean Safety. 160N when inflated with cylinder conforming to EN396.

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